Freshlocker vacuum sealers and bags available online!

Fresh Locker

Our products are now available online in several different locations. Visit Amazon, where you can find the VS160S, as well as the VS90 in white and black finishes, and additional bags in both gallon size and rolls. Our products are now fulfilled by Amazon, meaning that they are the ones who ship them, and you get everything faster. Amazon allows us to send internationally, so you can enjoy our products around the world.

We are now selling vacuum bags on Groupon for extra savings, so you can buy more bags once you run out of the ones that come with the vacuum sealers.

Also, we are currently selling the vacuum sealers and bags on Newegg. Check them out because we will soon run a flash deal, meaning that our products will soon be even more affordable. If you want more information about upcoming deals, just follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (www.instagram/lovefreshlocker).

We are rapidly growing thanks to your support and will soon expand to different online marketplaces. We will soon add new items, so watch this space and our social media profiles.

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