How to use the bag cutter to make custom sized bags

Fresh Locker

In the back of the appliance is the bag cutter. This accessory easily lets you get an even and neat cut. Frayed, lopsided, or crooked edges could prevent the generation of vacuum and interfere with the sealing process.

  1. Open the cutter bar. To do this, push the black handles at both sides of the cutter bar to the rear of the appliance.
  2. Insert the bag between cutter bar and the base of the appliance. Then press the cutter bar in place again, until it clicks shut.
  3. Push the slider of the cutting bar to the opposite end of the cutter bar.
  4. Pull the bag out from under the cutter bar.
  5. Pull enough bag material to hold item to be vacuum packaged, plus 2 inches. With the cutter, cut the desired bag length from bag roll. Make sure to cut in a straight line. Plug in the power cord.
  6. Open lid. Place one end of cut bag onto sealing strip, don’t worry if you accidentally place any material onto the gasket area.
  1. Close the lid firmly by touching down firmly on both sides, check to make sure that the lid will not open. If you hear a "click" on each side, then you have successfully locked the lid in place.

NOTE: The sealing strip will NOT work properly unless you lock the lid. Make sure that the lid has been locked on both sides for proper sealing.

  1. Now that the lid has been locked, touch the Seal Only button to create a custom sized bag. The indicator light illuminates during the seal process.
  2. Once completed the indicator light will turn off. Press the release buttons on both sides of the machine, it is now safe to take out the newly created bag.
  1. The custom sized bag is now ready for vacuum sealing.


CAUTION: Make sure you give the appliance time to cool down. Wait at least 20 seconds between seals. Under very heavy usage, the appliance will shut off automatically to prevent overheating. If it does, wait 20 minutes to allow appliance to cool off.


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