How to use the vacuum sealers properly

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How to use the vacuum sealers properly

Vacuum sealer are a brand new way to preserve your foods. Here are few suggestions tome make sure you use the vacuum sealer safely:

• Freeze certain foods before vacuuming and sealing them:
Foods like avocados, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and cherries can be fragile when ripe, so you need to freeze these foods before vacuuming them to maintain the shape and fresh taste.

• Dry and clean the seal:
There may be liquid leftover after you put juicy foods in the bags, like steak and salmon. Using the "moist" function will seal the bag longer than when the vacuum sealer is set to "dry," but it may not seal well if there is liquid around the seal area. Dry the seal area with a paper towel and you can seal it right.

• Double seal when needed:
For foods you would like to keep for a longer time, like a year or two, you can choose the "seal only" function to add another seal on the bag. This way you can make sure you don't need to check the preservation situation regularly.

• Vacuum seal smaller portions for a convenient diet:
With vacuum rolls and the built-in cutter you can make the bags in any size needed, so you can choose whatever portion you want.

• Write down the date vacuumed:
If you write down the date before taking out the air and moisture, the foods can be preserved for a long time, and you won't able to tell the difference from the food that was recently bought.



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