What is the main purpose of a vacuum sealer?
A vacuum sealer’s main use is to protect and extend the lifespan of food. This can be fruits, vegetables, meats and more. By removing the air, oxygen is removed, which eliminates or slows down spoiling bacteria. 

How much longer can vacuum sealed food last over non-vacuum sealed food?
It depends entirely on what is being sealed, but the average lifespan of food can be increased by 3-5 times by being vacuum sealed. 

Can I only vacuum seal food?
Although vacuum sealers are primarily used with food, they can be used to package other retail products. Vacuum sealers are commonly used to group and bundle items together for resale. Many people will also use vacuum sealers for space reasons. This can be to bundle material together or for packaging food during a hiking trip. 

Does a vacuum sealer eliminate freezer burn?
Vacuum sealers dramatically reduce and eliminate freezer burn. When used correctly, a vacuum sealed bag is impenetrable by the elements. 

What is the difference between an external sealer and a chamber sealer?
External sealers use vacuum bags on the outside of the machine. Food is placed in the bag and the open end is inserted into the machine where the air is then removed and the bag is sealed shut. 

Chamber vacuum sealers work differently. Chamber sealers require the food and the bag to be placed inside the machine. The air within the chamber is removed, the bag is sealed, and the air is returned back to normal. 

Can I cook vacuum sealed food in the bag?
Yes. In fact, there are many recipes out there for vacuum bag cooking. This is referred to as "Sous Vide," which translated means "under pressure." Cooking food in a vacuum sealed bag helps keep important nutrients in place and can actually improve the taste of the cooked product. 

Can I vacuum seal fragile food?
Yes you can. Our new VS160S uses a pulse button that allows manual starting and stopping of vacuum for optimal control of air removal, which prevents crushing delicate foods, such as baked goods or potato chips. Press the Pulse button to stop vacuuming. Once you are satisfied with the amount of air removed, press the Seal button to secure your bag.

Can the amount of air removed be adjusted?
Most vacuum sealers allow you to adjust the amount of air removed. This can vary from a low percentage all the way up to 99.99% of the air.  

How long does it take to vacuum pack a piece of food? 
Most vacuum packing machines operate on a cycle time of between 20 to 45 seconds.  Some more powerful machines with larger pumps can operate faster, e.g. the cycle time can be lowered to 15 – 20 seconds.  Some machines that have less powerful pumps will take longer.  Basically, the more air that needs removing the longer the process will take to reach a maximum vacuum.  High density blocks supplied with a chamber type vacuum packer will speed up the vacuum process by reducing the amount of air that needs be removed.

Another step you can take to increase productivity is vacuuming packing several pouches at the same time. You can place these pouches along the thermal heat strip side by side or on top of each other.  Most vacuum pouches are made from co-polymers and can burn the inside of the pouch at a lower heat than the outside.  In other words, they will seal the pouch without burning them together.