Vacuum Sealer

Air in food is a major problem. Think of it as the enemy of freshness. It's the primary cause of freezer burn when storing food in the freezer, and deterioration and dehydration in foods stored in the fridge, and pantry.

Ordinary storage methods trap air inside, causing food to lose flavor and nutrition over time.


Freshlocker Vacuum Sealers are an innovative way to keep your food fresh.  We make sure food stays fresh for you and your loved ones. 


With Freshlocker vacuum sealers, not only can you keep food fresher longer, you can also keep valuable items and heirlooms from rusting or getting tarnished.



Save Food ~ Freshlocker provides a safe and easy way to keep dry and moist foods fresh, prevents freezer burn on frozen fruits and vegetables, keeps ingredients entirely free from nasty bugs and bacteria, and locks nutrients in food.



Save Time ~ When it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it doesn’t hurt to have a great on-the-go option. Speed things up considerably by packing several meals at once, sealing them in individual bags, and freezing them. Just heat up a sandwich in the microwave for a quick and delicious meal. Frozen meals are the perfect way to save time cooking weeknight dinners.



Save Money ~ Preserve valuable items by sealing bags with jewelry, coins, paintings, and documents, as well as and other small artifacts, protecting them from moisture and excessive exposure to air. Prep your huge meals at the start of the week, seal them, and eat them over the course of the week, secure in the knowledge that they will be delicious, and easily save hundreds of dollars by not eating out.



Save Space ~ Prep all your meals in advance and seal them in individual bags. Vacuum sealing is perfect for organizing your home because you can seal all the ingredients and liquids that would normally need to be placed in individual plastic containers. Instead of using all these packages that would take up a lot of storage space, you can store the food the smallest possible container, leaving room for more food in your cabinets, fridge or freezer.